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directoapp was curated to help restructure the global freelance market, using Web3 Blockchain technology. directoapp is the first Decentralized freelance platform. Our services allow users, seamless access, cross-border engagement without barriers, and control of their personal data. We do not track or sell any personal information, our platform protects the privacy of each community member. Available in over 180 countries, directoapp offers advanced technology to enhance the quality of collaboration. A community for the people, by the people. We created an equal workforce ecosystem designed to open revenue streams in underprivileged countries. Our extended tools and services provide our community members with the ability to shop, sell, and collaborate while paying fewer fees and earning more. 

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directoapp Roadmap

Q1 2022

Our directoapp team has begun the development phase to modify our platform. We are updating our company to a decentralized open marketplace using Web 3 Blockchain technology. We will be enhancing our UI/UX designs for our Web page and both iOS and Android applications. Our team is working strategically to provide Blockchain protocol. 

Q2 2022

Entering into our Beta Phase stage of our newly platform modifications. We expect to complete our web and application updates. We will integrate seamless Web3 and usage based pricing. Early testing will began with our directoapp team; Leading up to onboarding a selected few of users to test before releasing our finalized updates to the public. Our DRTP Token private sale will be released on our site. A selected portion of our tokens will be allocated and sold privately to our community members. 

Q3 2022

directoapp will partner with a notable firm to audit our Blockchain technology and protocol. The audit will ensure we are compliant and fully secure, to protect our community. An important quarter for our team, we will release our completed modifications. Our seamless open marketplace will be available in over 180 countries, via the Web and both iOS and Android app stores. Global freelancers, shoppers and underprivileged countries will have access to our advanced features. directoapp is providing revenue streams, the protection of privacy, lower fees and users will have control of their personal data. Our company is built on integrity and transparency, we value our community's feedback. We would like to hear from you, to ensure the best quality possible. Our mission is to enhance the global freelance market, to generate an equal workforce opportunity for all who have a service to offer. With your help, our team will help many individuals from around the world. We asked that you spread the word to your friends and family. For The People By The People! directoapp is a Blockchain platform built on community. 


To continue delivering great work!


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JC Rolison

Founder and CEO of diretoapp. An innovative strategist, developing disruptive technology in thriving markets. 

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Jonathan Witt

Been a part of a highly skilled development strategist team to scale previous startup in automated credit repair. Investor in small businesses and board member. Very excited to be in great company with the directoapp team.

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Vishnu K.

A senior web developer in Node, PHP, and Java. Over 5 years of experience with a part in highly notable profile company projects used by everyday users across the world. Happy to be part of a life-changing project.

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Likhilesh S.

Over 4 years of experience in front and backend development. I have helped build very successful platforms. Happy to be part of directoapp and what is to come.



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