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directoapp is a revolutionary Blockchain social community and freelance marketplace platform that promotes equality and generates revenue streams in underprivileged countries. It operates in over 175 countries, offering fair international pay and quality services to bring ideas to life. directoapp social community is for Blockchain enthusiasts, bridging the gap between peer-to-peer engagement and community acceleration. In addition, directoapp provides an Application Program Integration (API) solution, enabling centralized organizations to leverage decentralized Blockchain tools for improved customer service and business solutions. directoapp facilitates easy and efficient processing of data, documentation, and Blockchain transactions.

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Q4 2022

We are excited to announce that our team is actively engaged in the development phase of transforming our platform into a decentralized open marketplace, utilizing the cutting-edge Blockchain technology. As part of this process, we are seamlessly integrating the newly designed UI/UX across our Web page, as well as our IOS and Android applications. Additionally, we are in the final stages of implementing a usage-based pricing model, which is slated to be launched in quarter 2. This pricing structure will enable our users to access and enjoy our platform's services in a fair and sustainable manner.

Q1 2023

The release of our beta freelance marketplace will be released for testing. We will use this time to onboard early testers, and work out any bugs or kinks with the marketplace. We have partnered with nebula to audit our smart contracts, to ensure the safety of the marketplace and our digital assets smart contract meet expectations. 

To ensure the utmost safety and security of the marketplace and our users' digital assets, we have entered into a partnership with Nebula. They will conduct a thorough audit of our smart contracts, making certain that they meet all the necessary expectations and standards. We will announce the release of our beta freelance marketplace, which is set to be released for testing. During this phase, we will be actively onboarding early testers, and diligently addressing any potential bugs or issues that may arise within the marketplace. Our commitment to delivering a seamless and trustworthy platform remains steadfast, and we are dedicated to refining the marketplace based on valuable feedback from our testers. 

Q2 2023

At the core of our vision is the creation of a seamless and inclusive open marketplace, empowering users from across the globe to unlock new revenue streams with our innovative tools. Our company is firmly grounded in principles of integrity and transparency, placing immense value on your feedback and actively seeking your input to ensure the highest possible quality of our platform. As we venture into the second quarter, we will embark on a special phase, officially commencing the testing process for our platform's functionality flow. To enhance the user experience, we are diligently integrating the social community API into the backend framework, paving the way for a cohesive and interactive social community within our marketplace. Our dedicated team is also focused on refining the entire flow of the social community, fine-tuning each aspect to ensure that it seamlessly aligns with the needs and expectations of our valued users.

Q3 2023

The directoapp freelance marketplace platform will still be in beta phase for testing early until we sync our social community in the directoapp platform. We plan to release our freelance marketplace and social community to our community members for more synchronized testing between Q3 & Q4. Users will be able to create their personal profiles and freelance will now have synchronized marketplace and personal profile accounts into one profile. We want to ensure the testing allows our community user to properly engage with one another, and seamlessly use directoapp without any issues. The directoapp freelance marketplace platform will continue to be in its beta phase as we progress with testing and synchronizing our social community within the directoapp platform. Our goal is to release both the freelance marketplace and the social community features to our community members for comprehensive synchronized testing, before officially releasing the multi-platform application in the fourth quarter. With this update, users will have the ability to create personal profiles, merging their freelance and marketplace accounts into one unified profile. This integration will enable a seamless experience, allowing our community members to engage with each other effortlessly and utilize directoapp without encountering any issues. Our primary objective during this testing phase is to ensure that our community can effectively connect and collaborate, while benefiting from the full range of directoapp features. We deeply value our users' input and feedback. By aligning our freelance marketplace and social community, we aspire to provide a thriving ecosystem that empowers users to achieve their professional and personal goals with ease. Your participation in this testing phase is highly appreciated, and together, we will create a user-friendly platform that meets the needs of our growing community. The directoapp team will begin the strategic crowdfunding campaign, on Wefunder.  Early contributors to directoapp crowdfund will be rewarded the DRTP digital assets will receive up t0 50% bonus for their investment.

Q4 2023

Q4 is major for the directoapp team, we plan to release the second part of the beta phase along with official application with our new updates to fully scale directoapp’s freelance marketplace and social community into the world. directoapp will be available in more than 175 countries with services, ranging from freelance, to social engagement and marketing services for projects and companies to build awareness for an inexpensive cost compared to large centralized social network platforms. directoapp is gearing up for an exciting and momentous quarter four. Our plan is to officially launch the application, unveiling a host of new updates that will take directoapp's freelance marketplace and social community to a global scale. With this official release, directoapp will  provide a wide array of services ranging from freelance opportunities to social engagement and marketing solutions. Whether it's to offer services, or individual projects and or company promotions, our platform offers cost-effective alternatives to large centralized social network platforms. Our vision is to empower users from around the world with seamless access to a diverse range of services, in a vibrant ecosystem of collaboration and networking. Through directoapp, individuals and businesses can build awareness and grow their endeavors in a trustless Blockchain ecosystem, without the high fees often associated with traditional platforms.

Q1 2024

As we progress in building the directoapp all-in-one blcockchain platform, our team will begin to focus on developing the financial service and API solutions (D3), that will serve as a bridge between centralized and decentralized organizations. The directoapp financial service and API solutions will enable seamless communication and facilitate digital Blockchain transactions through directoapp's payment portal, providing businesses with seamless and effective solutions. With each step of this exciting phase, our commitment to delivering a platform that surpasses expectations remains unwavering. We are eagerly looking forward to witnessing the positive impact that directoapp will have on professionals and enterprises worldwide. We plan to continue to enhance the directoapp platform beyond to deliver an excellent platform for the directoapp community. he directoapp team will continue the spark and quality of interest in the DRTP native digital asset, through strategic partnership and continuous use of DRTP in the directoapp platform.


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JC Rolison

Founder and CEO of diretoapp. An innovative strategist, developing disruptive technology in thriving markets. 

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Jonathan Witt

Been a part of a highly skilled development strategist team to scale previous startup in automated credit repair. Investor in small businesses and board member. Very excited to be in great company with the directoapp team.

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Vishnu K.

A senior web developer in Node, PHP, and Java. Over 5 years of experience with a part in highly notable profile company projects used by everyday users across the world. Happy to be part of a life-changing project.

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Likhilesh S.

Over 4 years of experience in front and backend development. I have helped build very successful platforms. Happy to be part of directoapp and what is to come.



Blockchain is a decentralized, digital ledger that records transactions across a network of computers. It was originally invented in 2008 as a public ledger for the cryptocurrency, Bitcoin.

The key feature of blockchain is its ability to securely and transparently store information in a way that makes it difficult to alter or tamper with. The network of computers validate and confirm each transaction, and once a transaction is recorded on the blockchain, it becomes part of an unalterable chain of blocks of data.

This makes blockchain a secure and reliable way to store data, and it has the potential to revolutionize a wide range of industries..